Strategic Consulting

A smart plan is the first step to accomplishing an objective. Whether identifying critical partnerships to cultivate or developing key messages for media coverage, Edelstein develops the right strategy to help clients conceptualize and achieve their goals.

Government Relations

With strong contacts and experience in political and business arenas, Edelstein can guide clients through California and federal policy – and can take the necessary steps to enact real change.

Issues Management

Helping clients manage and “win” their issues is often the overarching goal of any campaign. Edelstein’s deep experience working in tandem with lobbyists in California, as well as with U.S and foreign government officials, has helped secure client victories on critical issues in a variety of forums.

Media Outreach

Garnering positive media coverage is often integral to a successful public affairs campaign. From message development to press conferences, and most importantly to placing stories and op-eds in key print and broadcast outlets, Edelstein helps clients land coverage that is the catalyst for change. He enjoys strong contacts in California, national, and international media outlets, as well as in targeted trade publications and the Jewish press.

Coalition Building

Edelstein helps clients identify third party allies and form partnerships to achieve a singular goal. His work on California ballot initiatives and on policy at the UN and other international venues often involved bringing together multiple associations, organizations, individuals, or companies for a greater cause.

Social Media

In the ever evolving world of social media, Edelstein helps clients use the tools in smart and effective ways. With an understanding that clients should use social media with specific goals in mind – and not just because everyone else is – Edelstein helps clients seamlessly integrate social media into broad public affairs campaigns.

Marketing Development

Showcasing accomplishments is key to reaching new levels of success. Edelstein develops and designs annual reports, general brochures, newsletters, website content, and other materials to attract donors or sway targeted audiences.

Communication Workshop

An all-day session focusing on communications strategy, branding, messages, and outreach can chart a course for success. Edelstein conducts workshops for clients tailored to their needs, goals, and challenges.


Public Affairs, Communications, Public Relations

Edelstein Public Affairs help clients reach and exceed goals.

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